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Thread: Challenge Idea - City Centre

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    Post Challenge Idea - City Centre

    Okay, here's another CHALLENGE challenge.

    Every City has a "centre". The idea of this challenge is simple.

    Create a settlement (Human, Cardassian, Elven, Dwarven, Islamic, Plutonian, Timelordian, "tentacle beast from the outer-realms"-ian) and specifically create that settlement's centre.

    For an Aztec settlement it may be a great temple to the Sun Gods. For Greeks/Romans is could be a Forum, for others it may be a bustling marketplace, for others it may be large plaza surrounded by the icons/buildings of Government, for others it may be the great Buildings of Religion...

    I'm tossing this out there, because I know people find it challenging to design and draw settlements. (Also because I am mildly disappointed in my own-half-assed effort on the last challenge and want to raise the bar on myself).
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    Yup good call - I think thats a great idea. Very... mappy.

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    I'm with ya, sounds good.
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