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Thread: I could be ruined

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    Ok, as I mentioned I'm new to the whole digital artwork thing but I think you guys may have ruined me

    Today I'm driving down the road when I look at the sky and think, "that's a Guassian Blur". Good thing my wife was ignoring me or she might have thought I was nuts. LOL

    Later I was watching a movie with my wife and there was a top down scene with a boat on the ocean and I excitedly said, "Hey, I can make that look with 'Render>Clouds>Solid Noise'.

    I'm sure soon I will be looking at everyday things and trying to figure out how to reproduce them. Does this happen to anyone else?

    Is it too late to switch pills so I can go back or is it over for me?


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    Nah, a lot of us think similar things
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    Welcome to my world. My wife hates watching movies with me when they include cgi effects (which is almost all of them these days, lol)

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    It gets worse if you start to do 3d modelling. You are constantly looking at everyday objects, wondering how to bevel them properly, unwrap them, texture them etc.

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    You start looking at everything that way...everyday things that you'd never think about otherwise. You look at something and instantly know how to reproduce it, in theory. Then you start taking pictures of sand and concrete cracks and tree bark thinking to yourself, these are going to make some nice textures, but everyone else thinks your nuts.
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    You're absolutely crazy!!! Just kidding!
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    "You're so beautifully rendered!" is not a compliment women understand. Its worse if they make a lot of gravy.


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    Thanks Sigurd, that made me laugh over my morning coffee. Definitely a good way to start a Monday

    I got some odd looks photographing a nice piece of irnonwork the other day because I thought it would make a good border. On the other hand, it was quite late, and the ironwork was the front doors of a bank so maybe it did look a little odd....

    Don't worry, you're in good company. (well, company at least )

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    Ahhh his first taste of poindexdrous. My condolences to your wife. But don't worry, after a while - could be quite a long while - your wife will start, slowly at first, but more forthright as time goes on, assert that those clouds are actually more like bits of the Mandelbrot and that if only you would buy her a PC with 64 bit multi core she raster them out in terragen in a sensible amount of time to prove it. Because geekdom is notoriously virulent.

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    When my wife couldn't use the computer because Bryce had a 2 day render to perform, I just used to get, 'Not another bloody render.'

    @Sigurd....brilliant...that's just how it is.

    @Torstan...the police are now stopping people who take photos of sunsets in London (terrorism). It's quite mad.

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