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    Post [Region 1][Map 27][Town 01]Argria

    Hi all,
    This is my first attempt at participating in the CWBP. I've selected Argria from industrygothica's excellent Anuroch map [Map 27].

    Argria is on the border of Anuroch and the Endless Steppe. I'm envisioning it as an old fortress town, once tasked with holding the hordes at bay. As the barbarians quietened down over the years it has evolved beyond that original mandate - into a bustling border town ripe with trade and the colorful mingling of cultures. Trade now flows across the steppes more easily, with escorts and guarantees of passage from the local steppe-lords or Khans or whatever (have to do some research), though there is still banditry.

    In the markets of Argria itself you can find fine Qashyan horses, silks, spices, dwarven steel, and all manner of more exotic trade goods. Sample the fare of the steppe people, cooked authentically in shields over a roaring fire. Just don't ask about the provenance of the meat in your stir-fry. The nomads are known to be a bit touchy about that...

    So, on the understanding that the maps are "about" 600 miles on a side, I broke down Anuroch into 100-mile-square regions and took the one containing Argria. Then I divided that into 10-mile-squares (attached). This is my starting point. I'd like to detail more than just the settlement...including some features of the surrounding area. I plan a wall...or moat...or something. We'll see.
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