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    Wip Nightmare Keep - WiP

    This is the map I threaten my players with when they're bad....

    Ahahahahaha, I kid, I kid. I actually think this is mostly finished... or, rather, that I don't want to keep working on it for fear that I'll get lost in it again.... This is just the "base"... I need to mark the locations of locked doors, keys, puzzles, monsters, riddles, etc. For that, I think I'm going to end up making a new set of symbols. Right now, only the most important locations are marked.

    1: Main Gate (for those who enter willingly, muahaha!)... it has five doors to the five rooms where one can start the maze.
    2: Location of a key (and the puzzle solve or monster to defeat to retrieve it.)
    3: Location of a key (and the puzzle solve or monster to defeat to retrieve it.)
    4: A map of the maze, and a location of a key (and the puzzle solve to retrieve it.)
    5: Courtyard, the garden of riddles. Location of the key puzzle and one of the keys. (The entrance to this is from the lower southeast room of the giant six-sided tower. I need to remove that wall....)
    6: Location of a key (and the big monster to defeat to retrieve it.)
    7: The locked door to the "end" of the maze.

    This is actually a "dungeon" for the game I'm currently running. Something quite epic, probably for the final epic battle against the PCs' current archenemy. That battle's not coming up, and I'm not going to send them running all over it quite yet, but they are going to get a taste of this labyrinth soon, when they are sent to retrieve something from the garden of riddles. (And a sense of irony later, when they realize the guy they're after was there the whole time.)

    Fonts are "So Run Down" (text) and "Troll Bait" (numbers) by Ray Larabie.
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