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Thread: The Donate Button

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    Post The Donate Button

    As the Guild grows and as it's so clear that so many people are getting a lot of pleasure out of it, you might want to look at the blue 'donate' button at the top of screen.

    The Guild is funded by Arcana out of his own pocket and it's free for all of us. Everyone here (and we're very proud of it) contributes to the making of better maps.

    Arcana is probably too modest to ask, so I will. If you donate to the Guild, you will help with its running costs, which will help to make the site better....and you get a cool neon green 'Gracious Donor' badge (see left).

    What could be better than that?

    Please donate if you can.

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    I would LOVE to do this, believe me. I really love this forum and I've gotten a lot of pleasure and knowledge through being here but at the moment I am out of work so money is tight.
    I'd already decided that as soon as I get a new job I will donate. Or if I ever manage to get a paid commission through here then I would do the same.

    It's a source of embarrassment to me that I'm here so often but don't have one of those little green labels under my name.
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    I was glad to donate especially since I globally block ad's. But what I did was take on a commission and donate a chunk of that to the guild. I took the rest and distributed it amongst a number of sites that I thought deserved a bung.

    So if your low on work and high on spare time then see if you can get a little map work to pay the way ! We haven't had many commission requests of late tho.

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    I have gladly donated to Arcana's little site (our home), because thanx to this site I have probably made a few hundred dollars from various projects I would never have known about if not for this site!
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    Yep. I'm in. Been meaning to contribute. Thanks for posting this reminder!

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    Now that I have my tablet, my plan is to donate a part of every paid venture to the site (since I get paid in paypal, makes it easy, too!)

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    I've been meaning to do this for a while, but something always seems to come up. Maybe after the holidays when I have more "available cash".
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    I don't mean to sidetrack this thread but are people actually looking for commisions on this site? I have tried to hire artists in the past and have NEVER had any success. I would be happier to hire artists but it is just too much trouble for nothing.

    To stay on track... if I get a good response on this thread (within 30 minutes) I will donate! It is 4:35 PM Eastern time!
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    While I didn't make the time-frame...yes there are plenty of us here who do commission work and with new people joining everyday and learning new things all of the time there are more and more who are looking. By nature many are shy or do things behind doors (emails and whatnot) but there are many of us who are actually kind of bogged down or booked up for a we don't take more than we can chew.
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