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Thread: In need of a map for my fantasy world

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    Hello there everyone! So, I'm a young novelist that is looking to get my book published next year. It would be super awesome if someone could help out Unfortunately i lack in a job or any form of money, so it would have to just be done for free...but please consider helping me out! it would be majorly appreciated. It's a lot to ask, but if your willing, please reply to this

    So I have tons of editing to get done, so a time frame... well as soon as possible pretty much. I'm not saying that it has to be done in like a week or something, I just mean that if you would like to take this project on, i need this map soon so i can edit everything to my liking. Im finding it hard to fix everything in my novel without a visual. There aren't huge time constraints, so don't feel like im putting any pressure on.

    The style I'm looking at is this kind of map.
    so pretty much i would love for it to show the terrain and that sort of thing with cities labelled and important markers... Color is welcome if you want.

    This map would contain mainly just one continent. Peraps two. To the east there is a large amount of mountains that sort of acts as a border to the next continent. I have no real depth to the second continent since everything mainly only takes place in one. Since mountains usually have deserts right after them i suppose the second continent could just be dessert. I can come up with a name for the desert land/continent. Rather than explaining more, i will send you a rought example of what it looks like. It's still being constructed so please let me know if your interested

    I would like the quality of it to be semi-professional as i obviously have no money, but if you want to take it to the next professional level that would be awesome. I would like it to be printable so i can look at is as im writing. Since i know hardly anything about maps though i wouldnt mind some input on the dimensions of the map..

    As for copyright, i would like the right to use the image incase i get published, but i would definately keep your name on it. You can definately exhibit it as part of your portfolio, but i would not want it to be exploited for commercial gain because it's for my book and ive been working on this for four years.

    So please please please consider helping me! and thank you so much RobA for pointing out to me what i needed to do to find help! It probably made a huge difference for me
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