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Thread: Hello, finally.

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    Post Hello, finally.

    I apparently joined back in May, but have been lurking on here much longer. I have started and scrapped several maps, but think I have hit on a style I like. I will try to post it soon, I'm just trying to avoid my chores right now.

    For some reason right now I am enamored with the idea of making a gaming world that can incorporate many far flung groups of players from diverse gaming backgrounds. The map will set up the area to vie over and perhaps some of the back story and then the groups will go back and play it out how they like.

    The idea is to report back and see how the groups interact over time. The vision is a sort of riff on a fantasy version of Medieval Total War. I've thought about modding it, but my "new" laptop crashes the game a lot. Anyhow that's where I'm coming from.

    Oh yeah, I used to play AD&D, Avalon Hill, SPI, and then flirted with Warhammer.

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    Welcome Aboard!
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    Howdy and welcome.
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