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    Post Hi there!

    I've been strolling through these forums for about a week now, but I kinda lost my tongue due to those wonderful maps that are being shown here.

    No really, I am not trying to toady up to you guys. I'm really impressed by the sheer amount of skilled cartographers as well as by the helpfulness and the friendly atmosphere here. Thanks to some of your tutorials I was able to make quite some progress in mapping the world of a fantasy novel I'm currently writing. My last attempts on doing that were ... well, let's not speak about it.

    About me (no worries, I'll cut it short): 26, male, born and living in Germany. And on this occasion *cough* - my english might've become a bit rusty there.

    Yeah well, this much for now. I'll keep strolling and eventually drop a post every now and then. See you around.


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