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Thread: Dwarven Stronghold Mansion

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    Post Dwarven Stronghold Mansion

    We don't seem to get enough dungeon, underground, cavernous challenges here, so I thought I'd make a request for one. Everybody appreciates dwarves to some degree, so lets show them some appreciation by creating an underground dwarven stronghold map. This could be a "city map" or an encounter scale section of stone halls, chambers, and cave passages.

    Create a Dwarven stronghold mansion in a cavernous region of the Underdark. Combine natural cavernous features with worked stone, metal accoutrements like gates, doors, weapon platforms.

    This could be a remote Dwarven clan outpost, part of an Underdark trading post or a major Dwarven Under City. Consider who might be the major local threat and place defense specifically for that threat...

    Whoa! We got a Dwarf hater! One Nay - that's not good!


    PS: I created this 3D image specifically for this post!
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    Great idea GP!
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    i am in process of working on a dwarf stronghold made from an asylum's floorplans.

    so of course i am in favour of such a thing.

    bring it on!

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    The Dwarfs are a great distinctive culture but i look forward to seeing the different views on that

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    Make sure none of the doors are more than 3 feet high . That should keep out most of the intruders. Also, traps that affect only tall-folk.

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    I really like the idea. Dwarves a major part in nearly every fanatasy setting.

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    voted yes, in hopes that psyekl will grace us with his amazing talent with underground cavern maps.

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    My next campaign takes place in a dwarven city.. so I would actually find time to enter this one.

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