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Thread: [taken][unpaid]Working of first Fantasy novel, would apreciate help

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    Post [taken][unpaid]Working of first Fantasy novel, would apreciate help

    So I have been working on this fantasy novel and have some very rough ideas layed out. I realize this is bad and not detailed very well but here is the idea...

    I need it to be about 120 miles per inch if any one accepts. With a over all size as 3700 miles across and 1440 miles tall. No time frame, take as long as you need.

    I would really appreciate any help and would be glad to do anything you request but I am afraid I cannot pay. Bit strapped for cash as everyone is at the moment. Take any liberties to improve upon it, but I ask to keep the basics the same such as locations, and such.

    I need it to be kind of a classical style with the Lord of the Rings movie maps as inspiration if possible.

    All rights would remain with the artist, all I ask is that you allow me to use it in my book, and any sequels I use which will all give complete recognition as you as the author of the map.

    If you feel like accepting, but need further detail I would be happy to let you know, if you would like to know about the novel, ask and I will give you the prologue and chapter one, which are completed already. Thanks so much for anyone who gives this a second thought...hope I can work with one of you in making this map.
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