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Thread: August Challenge Winner: Modern Rose by RobA

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    Praise August Challenge Winner: Modern Rose by RobA

    Results are in, as you've probably already seen! RobA wins again! I believe this is the first time we've had a two-time winner in our monthly challenges!

    Good job to everyone, and congratulations to our winner!

    Also, thank you all for participating in our largest challenge to date!
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    yeah, great work! i was considering entering this but then i saw yours and oh well.... figured i didn't want to lose horribly again. and good job all around. every one of these entries was great in its own right, and the vote was tough. congrats to you all for a fine job. (i still like those soldiers and the dragon breath though....)

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    Thanks everyone who voted for me!

    I was a bit nervous, as one of the requirements was "artistic" and most of the stuff I do is far from that (at least in my option). Utilitarian and plain, maybe, but not that artistic

    Again thanks for the votes, and kudos to everyone who submitted an entry. There was a lot of effort put in by everyone, and the results were great all around.

    -Rob A>
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    You definitely earned it Rob. Heck I voted for you and I was one of the challengers.
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    Great work, Rob!!
    My gallery is here
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    Your compass was great, Rob. Congratulations! And that's a neat little badge you have next to your name now

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