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    Post Fantasy City Request

    Hi Guys

    I was wondering if any off you guys could help me shape my world, i need a couple of Cities done and if anyone wanted to play around i would be gratefully appreciative.

    im not fussed on the style at all but would like them not too dark in color for printing reasons

    i have many places but these two jump to mind first.

    Dragabayn Castle

    In the Realm of- Uthranna

    1/Medieval / knights
    2/Heavy Guard
    3/In a Wooded /forest Area (the wood is part of the 100 mile wood)
    4/Population – medium to high
    5/only small farm land around and is controlled by the Castle
    6/ The Leader is a Tyrant (Kol-Tan Rhaul )
    7/ no Religion
    8/Wizards Keep (Head Wizard is called Vorhees )

    Caer Carurath

    In the Realm of - Njordlund

    1/Fortress on coast
    2/mountains Close by
    3/large Fishing community
    4/Nordic / barbarianish type Culture
    5/ long harsh Winters/ snow is often as its set high north
    6/ Population – medium
    7/ Druidic Circles
    8/ Gurney’s Green (A druidic Garden with a Tree in middle)

    Any takers?

    As an Alternative if some one has a few maps of Towns / Cities / Hamlets that are unlabeled so i can play with the text would be great. Credit for the maps will always be Given to the Cartographer

    Please PM me if interested thanks

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