Hi all,

I'm new on this forum, so I introduce myself!
I'm Briochus (This nick name comes from "brioche", a french bun... Don't ask me why, it's complicated!), but my real name is Olivier. I live in Strasbourg in France. You may don't know this town at the eastern french border-line, next to Germany... Head of the European Parliament, it is the second European capital, with Brussels.
Strasbourg has often infuenced me to draw my maps! By the way! I have to speak about them!

I've seen that everybody here is drawing maps with computer softwares... I don't, and hope you will accept me in your community! I also draw some region maps, or city maps, rarely a country map... I don't know how that came to me, but it came! I'va started to draw one map on an A4 sheet... But I'm hungry so I've decided to continue the map on an other sheet, and so on! To finish, I have some maps made with 18, 20, 25 sheets connected to each other...

I'm going to post a picture of one of them very soon, if you are interested to see my work.

Well, Excuse me for my english...
I hope you will answer after all!