This really doesn't have any 'mapp-iness' to it, but it does fit in with the theme of the challenge. The gears in my cess-pool of a brain started churning and I came up with an orcish version of the "12 Days of Christmas"...

Here is what would be the final verse of the Orcish Winter classic "The 12 Days of Blood-Fest"

"On the twelfth day of Blood-Fest, the War Chief sent to me...

Twelve Cities Burning,
Eleven Towns Plundered,
Ten Villages Pillaged,
Nine Hamlets Flattened,
Eight elvish maidens,
Seven beardless Dwarves,
Six bags of gold,
Five severed heads...
Four Battle Axes,
Three Scimitars,
Two Boar Spears,
And A barrel of pickled halfling feet!"

If I can come up with something graphical to go along with it I'll post it.