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Thread: Place names

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    Post Place names

    I'm not going to spend a lot of text on this so let's just post all of our Place Names here!

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    Cities that are bought or captured often end in 'dex

    Eredexa, Angaxa, Góra, Ebrax, Afeblaf, Mallis, Mérön, Vélin, Ivérin, Fordáj, Noxi, Egsan, Tobbéxx, Salaxxia'dex and some others you can found at this forum.

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    Way too many to list them all, but Zesnee, Chorvach, Owinstil, Xoovern Islaw (the X here representing a sound not existent in English), Fednop Holess, and Kiscopeka are a few. All those are regions or continents.
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