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Thread: World and Region map requests for a conworld

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    Map World and Region map requests for a conworld

    Hi. One of my interests in my spare time is the creation and development of my conworld (nameless). I have fairly good idea of the landmasses involved, but simply lack the photoshop skills to produce a map of a quality that I like. I feel that with a solid, detailed map, I can create a richer world since so much depends on environment, geography, etc.

    This is why I ask if someone can please make several maps that I may use for my world. What I would ask for is assistance in:

    a) creating the maps. the style I'm looking for is similar to these maps: . Basically, a map with topography, rivers and tributaries, lakes, etc. I do not require the placement of thousands of cities/landmarks/political boundaries. I'm more than capable of constructing these myself in photoshop. However, I would like a base map, that's detailed, to be able to build upon.

    b) assisting me in deciding realistic geographic features, placement of continents, what have you. I have a general idea of what climates I want what regions to experience and if you could help me create a realistic system that would be awesome. The Koppen classification would be a great way to precisely define each region's climatological features, and the geographical features included in the map would paint a very nice picture of the environment.

    Now on to the maps. In the attached image, I have map that was created by someone a while back. The style I want should be changed to what I requested, but also many geographical features may need to be changed (the river system needs to be seriously reworked). The general shape should remain the same, but I want a more detailed map of this region.

    So: a large map covering the attached image, with enough detail for me to fill in political boundaries, cities, mountain names, what have you.

    Next: to the far left you'll notice an island off shore. This is actually a main focus of my conworlding efforts and thus I would like an independent "zoomed-in" map to be able to accurately describe this land.

    Third: the map provided only shows the one continent. other continents exist, but have not been created. I would like rather, a world map with only basic features (major rivers and mountains). It would be far more zoomed out so as to show the world as a whole, not very zoomed in. But it would be nice to be able to have a full view of my world.

    I feel this is a rather hefty request, but there are no time constraints and anyone who would help would be greatly appreciated. This work will really only be featured on the web once I collect enough resources for my conworld to publish to the web.

    Thanks everyone.
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