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Thread: [Award Winner] Cartographical Economics and Demographics - A Guide to Realism

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    Why is it important to bring economics into your fantasy mapping? Well technically you donít really need it, but without doing the groundwork, you risk anyone with an analytical mind destroying the credibility of the world you build.

    You may think that your island nation of Pirates may be able to support some of the best military units on your planet, but how feasible is this within your world, this is where working out the economy behind your nations is important.
    Of course, you may explain that in your world, there is magic and money falls from the sky, and this is all well in what is fantasy; perhaps this is not the right document for you. But if you want to be more analytical then read on and you may find a decent way to work out the economy behind your nation.

    Below you will find both the Tutorial (doc) and an Excel Spreadsheet (zip containing xls) I made for reference of formulas when you are building your spreadsheet as it can get complicated without some form of reference.
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