Hi all, I am stuck ! I need to convert a raster image into SVG and I have inkscape.

I am using the path tool and its doing it just fine except that what I am after is the outline to some solid shapes. What I am getting is exactly that except that this outline seems to me to be composed of a very thin line but not a vector line. As in it has a left and a right side to this line as two separate vector paths which I can edit either side.

I have tried getting the input image down into a three color solid block shape image so theres no more antialiasing on the edges. And with its resulting vector thing I can set the line width and it changes both sides of the line to that thickness with a gap in the middle.

If it cant do this without putting in a thin solid shape as opposed to a true vector line then what else I can try to convert these shapes into vectors. I will have to try Xara and see if it does it better.