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    I've just discover this forum and the beautiful maps that are created here. I knew some of them from other sources, but I'm glad to have found this place.
    I'm a french roleplayer (so excuse my very low english, please), RPG artist and author for some french publishing company. But I mainly make maps for my own pleasure and use.
    I try some new techniques each times and I hope to better my work year after year. I mainly use CS3 illustrator to make my maps, but some of them are just hand drawned (with some heavy influence from a french master-cartographer, Patrick Durand-Peyrole, who draw some fantastic maps in the '80 and '90).
    Here some of my past work, but I have some projects in the hoven, for myself and for some books I work on. I hope you'll like them and that your advice will allow me to go further in this art.

    A quick-made map to play with my daughter
    A map of Los Angeles to play cops in the city
    A 1880 map of London for victorian RPG
    A regional map of Tanaephis, the world of a french RPG named Bloodlust we are working on. There is another map like this one with all the toponimy and topography but it's not done yet.

    PS : Searching my DD, I realize that I've done a lot of maps this past years, but I don't want to be heavy on this first post. Thanks for your patience.

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    Very nice! I'm guessing these are mostly made in illustrator?

    These are lovely maps indeed. Don't worry about posting too many maps - I've never seen anyone told off for that

    Welcome to the guild. Here's a little rep to get you started.

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    Welcome. Lots of French mapping here. You can add yourself to the members map if you like...

    I like the promise of lots more maps and the maps you have shown are very good.

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    Wow. You do nice work and in quite a variety of styles. Please show us more of your lovely maps.

    You labeled the map "Los Angeles", but you go much farther east. I guess your cops went on chases out into the desert? You've got my birthplace and the places I got my degrees on that map.

    Don't worry about your English. It is far better than my French (or even my German, which I actually did study).

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    Welcome Aboard!
    Thanks for 'debuting' a bit of your work.
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    Welcome to the Guild!
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    Thanx all for the welcome. I'll try to post old maps and new ones as soon as possible.

    Quote Originally Posted by rdanhenry View Post
    You labeled the map "Los Angeles", but you go much farther east. I guess your cops went on chases out into the desert? You've got my birthplace and the places I got my degrees on that map.
    I know that the map pictures LA and Orange County (and other places), but I needed the great metropolitan LA to understand the localisation of all the places that are named in the US TV shows and movies (and the James Elroy's and Mickael Connely's novels).

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