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    After reading The Hobbit, and getting into conlanging, I've been feeling the desire to write a few short fantasy stories based in a setting of my own creation (one that I haven't made yet) - so I'm trying to make a world based on exactly what I want (which means that there will be a few geographic anomalies), and I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

    There are two maps attached - the base one, and one showing the regions I've thought of for it so far. Regions will mostly denote what kind of species live there, where they are on the good/evil scale, etc. So far they're pretty straightforward: Far North being evil, West being good, East being exotic, kind of by themselves, South being merchants/mercenaries and Far South being naturally/magically dangerous (as in, old, old places with lots of magic). Middlepoint is going to be kind of in the gray area, where Dwarves dwell (I'm thinking that dwarves should be more mystical than usual in my world) and other mountain creatures. Northwest, well, I'm not quite sure. Something to do with Elves, I'm thinking. Rivers/forests (any other suggestions?) will separate most of the regions, which is why the ones not by mountains end so suddenly and in seemingly random places.

    What I need, though, is a better way of showing grasslands/plains (in the West for example) and marshes (in the Far South) without ruining the crispness of the map. I've tried, as you can see, just to put simple symbols, but they look out of place in my opinion. Any suggestions?

    I don't really care all too much about perfect geographic realism - I've taken into consideration a few things (like if you look, most mountains are along certain paths, the plates holding the landmass together etc etc), but I don't want to go too much into detail, as it will most likely ruin my image of it. I still haven't decided on what scale the map is on yet, either (as in 1pixel=1mile) but I want it to be big. Like, Asia & Europe-big. Any suggestions on what the perfect scale would be?

    I'll probably work on rivers next, and then finish laying out all the forests, and work on the smaller details.

    Tell me what you think
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