Hello everyone,just registered here.
So lets get this from the start ^^

I've been playing DnD for some years now and after a few times i've been DM on small pre-made campaigns i decided to start building my own fantasy world...
I've searched the web a bit and i ended up here and i think this is the place i belong right now
Anyways i have cc3 and i've seen the tutorials of it on youtube...
From what i've read i know it's a bit impossible for me to make a whole world but at least for starters i'm trying to create a part of it,like half of a continent which can be a start and i can add more later with more experience.
So pretty much thats the story,I've already made a starting map just to begin with something,i'll make a topic on the appropriate section in hope to get some tips on it

Hope i dont be much of a burden as a newbie and cu around