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  • The Temple Vaults of Chronis - by meleeguy

    1 2.86%
  • Temple of the Healing Waters - by Xyll

    7 20.00%
  • Ruined Temple - by industrygothica

    15 42.86%
  • Cathedral of the Living God - by PlumCrazy

    8 22.86%
  • Temple of Quoralctal - by Vorhees

    3 8.57%
  • The Sunken Temple: Mordrend's Folly - by wormspeaker

    1 2.86%
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Thread: *** November / December Lite Challenge VOTING - Temples, etc ***

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    Post *** November / December Lite Challenge VOTING - Temples, etc ***

    Thank you to all the participants for their efforts and entries. Let the voting begin!

    Summary of the rules for this month's challenge:

    The challenge is to create a map of a temple or similar religious 'structure' (temple/cathedral floorplan, battlemap with a shrine to "Grumpax the Gregarious", etc.)

    Good Voting everyone and don't forget to rep the work you liked!

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    One for Industrygothica from me. LOVE the artwork on that map, although the finished map is a lot emptier than I thought. I guess it IS ruined though.

    If I'd had a second vote it would have gone to Plumcrazy. His map is very clean and crisp and I really love the way he has done his trees.

    Vorhees' map is strange in that I look at the thumbnail and think, "Wow! That looks amazing!" But when I open it up it kinda loses something. I think it is too sharp and focused against the very smooth bevelled background. The thumbnail temple looks more blurred and hand-drawn so maybe it could have done with some blur filters running on it? Dunno.

    Anyway, good work everyone and good luck with the votes.
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    Yeah, Ramah sums it up for me as well.

    IG gets my vote. Love the textures and if he doesn't do the Ravenloft maps in the same style soon I'm going to vote him off of the island for good!

    PlumCrazy would get my second vote. I like the draftsmanly quality and I notice more details the more I look at it.

    I really dig the look of Vorhees' map at thumbnail scale but the full-size version doesn't grab me for some reason. Still, some nice details. Love the blood from all of the sacrifices and the little Incan mandala thingie in the lower-right corner is to die for.

    Love the look of the tile floor in Xyll's map and the inset designs are cool. Wormspeaker had a cool concept but it would have benefitted from some side-view explanation (think I saw it in the WIP thread). I like the style of meleeguy's map - nice and clean and I'd like to see more maps like it - but I don't grok the map itself. For one does one get in?

    Nice work everyone and congrats on finishing entries! Rep all around. I'll go do it now so I remember.

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    I voted for Vorhees even though, as said, the thumb looks better than the closeup. There wasn't a huge amount to look at but those stairs going in got me wondering what was inside.

    I liked IG's as well, the coloring was fabulous and there was some technical detail linking up the stairs and all. I especially liked the glass. I think I would have liked a little rubble that maybe gave the impression that if you dug a bit you might find another chamber though. It looked swept clean for such a ruined place.

    I guess my GM'ing effects how I view a map or image. If it fires up adventure seeds I'm a happy camper.

    PlumCrazy had a real clean nice style on his as well.

    I guess that's it, great job everyone who got entries in. I hope to enter some of these myself but you all deserve a round of applause because you actually put your feet in the arena this round.
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    My vote goes to Industrygothica. Looking at his map made me think of the old Dragonlance modules. Those were the first modules I read that deviated from the traditional flat maps I was used to.

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    Voted for Xyll, I really like the style and the colors. My favourite is the tree.
    But the other maps are also great. In the end it was a hard decision to be made between 2 of the participants.

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    I really loved the 3d effect that industrygothica used, but ultimately I don't think there was enough there. It didn't get the feeling that it was a temple. PlumCrazy's map was indisputably a temple and has a clean and modern style that we don't see much of around here. It had to get my vote.
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    I voted for vorhees, i like the style of an inka-tempel very much. About the thing between thumb and picture was said enough early.

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