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    Hey All,

    I've had a lot of ideas for this dungeon, with hazards that could be triggered in the advantage of the Pc's and a whole chase sequence involving these hazards, a horde of undead and my Pc's running and fighting for there lives. But this dungeon was ultimately used for plain old hack and slash. I designed it with wooden ramps and stone structures in mind, on the verge of collapse, but I changed my mind after some gameplay difficulties involving the pc's not to be trapped and die... I liked the graphics on this one though. It was clear to the characters how the room worked, what was high and low. Not thát big of a deal, but it really did it's job and 'wow'd' my players when I uncovered this printed on a3. Which I like :-) Nowadays I'm trying to print out dungeons in pieces and glue them on a piece of black carton(?)

    Well, let's hear from ya!
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    Nice little dungeon you have there...
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    Yep, nice dungeon. Not sure which style I prefer (of both the dungeon you posted). This style is very crisp and clear. Everything makes sense, even at a glance.
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