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Thread: First map, photoshop,How to copy and paste multiple items into the same layer

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    Post First map, photoshop,How to copy and paste multiple items into the same layer

    I am simply trying to copy and paste all the wolf symbols into the same layer (without having to merge down); however, whenever I attempt to copy and paste the wolf symbol into the same layer it creates another layer. Is there a way to solve this?

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    Photoshop pastes into a new layer. It's the designed behavior. Ctrl+V then Ctrl+E (merge down) is a workaround to paste multiple times into one layer. I'm just too lazy for that and don't mind lots of layers, though.

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    photoshop will always paste onto a new layer. You're asking if there's a way to override this, no ther is not.

    I prefer everything on separate layers, easier to move around and reposition What you could do to keep things organized is group the layers into a single folder (that's what i would do). Or just merge them onto one.

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    Assuming that the red circle isn't part of the symbol you're wanting to duplicate, why not make a brush out of it?

    Activate the Marquee Select tool (M), drag a selection box around the symbol, Edit > Define Brush Preset… and give it a name. Your new brush will appear at the end of the brushes list.

    Now you can use it like a stamp, and every click will place the new instance on the same layer.
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    If you use the clone stamp tool, you can clone that area any number of times on the same layer. Use a brush that is just big enough to get the whole image.
    It's like cut and paste without the cutting and pasting.

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