I'm posting these in finished maps because they are just some things I was goofing around with in CC3, mostly to explore what could be done with various bitmap fills and sheet effects. I doubt they are anything I would go back to except to use the things I learned in other projects.

Here is a cavern complex I did, mostly to experiment with sheet effects and shadows:

Here is an experiment to create a cobblestone street complete with gaslight (and somebody who escaped from the British Museum). I got the gaslight street lamps from the Dundjini users' forum, and the walls are from CSUAC:

Here's some more cobblestone streets:

Finally, here is an attempt to reproduce the maps found in the Forgotten Realms Ruins of Undermountain boxed set (2e AD&D version):

As always, any C&C is welcome, and if any CC3 users have any questions on how to do some of these things, please feel free to ask.