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Thread: Erdexten Class Cargo ship

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    And here the Erdexten class. I know it's a bit edgey but it's a cargoship not a highly developed battlecruiser. The cannons (those round things with a cylinder-shaped barrel) are pulse cannons. The orange colored tubes are torpedo tubes.
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    I like that shape, looks kind of like a squirt gun...but cool.
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    Nice work like this well done

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascension View Post
    I like that shape, looks kind of like a squirt gun...but cool.
    I was thinking the very same thing.
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    Well I should take that as a compliment because others say I make dick-ships or flying hotdogs.
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    I was thinking some sort of futuristic powertool but...yeah, maybe a squirt gun. Nice ship. Well armed (and visibly) for a merchant. Good deterrent against pirates.

    Hmmm. A Q-ship is a warship disguised as a merchant, no? Somebody needs to design a merchant disguised as a warship. "Captain, plunder ahead!" "Are you kidding me? Look at those ion cannon! Pulse lasers! You fool. Look for something unarmed and we'll hit that instead".

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    It's a cargo ship it's content has value and that has to be protected

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    Ah yes, the cargo ship. The backbone of every empire.
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