In looking at Ascension's practice castle (which is cool, btw) he said something that got me thinking:

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But since turning things and adding in a bit of chaos will require me to do all of that manually and take a really long time I have chosen to forego it. At least for now since this is just practice. I still have 2 upper layers and 2 basement layers to go and my steam is running pretty low as you can imagine. Doing all of that would certainly give it that "lived-in" look I'm just not too excited about actually doing it
Would not something like this make for a pretty cool Community project? We have a CWBP so why not a Community castle or city. The city would then actually have buildings "built" by different "architects".

Imagine, we set a location in our CWBP and grab the Topography. Then we would need a Planning and Zoning Manager to hand out property plots that can be built upon. If you are new maybe you just take a square in poor town and design a crappy shack, lol. Ok, maybe we need to hand out a whole city block. Point is the scale would be set and we could design something to fit in that space...pretty much like a lot of mid-evil towns grew up.

I thought it might make an interesting project. I'm sure the final outcome would pretty unique with all the different styles in this community.

Alternatively, perhaps a building design could be done as a monthly challenge and then cobbled into a single city, town or village depending on how many entries we could use.

If it turned out nice maybe we could add it to the CWBP.

Let the brainstorming begin, this is just a thought that I figured might fit into the spirit of this community.