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    This started out as a second attempt at my Evelakaia map, but that soon turned into trying to include the surrounding areas. I tried to get a basic sketch of the surrounding areas but finally decided just to do the whole continent. So behold, Jhadalaia, the continent that has only recently been added to the archives of the Imperial Zephyrn Cartographic Guild.

    In the native tongue Jhadalaia translates to the Grand Old Land and the continent itself is only slightly larger than the North American Continent. Things look kinda small on this map because i had to reduce it's size in order to post it here.

    For this map I would like to extend thanks to Ascension, Pasis, Terminal and Tear, all of whom wrote great tuts that help to create this map. I've pretty much done everything i need to do for this map but i want you guys to get a look and tell me what might be off before i declare it done. I know there are no rivers because at this scale they wouldn't be visible. I'm also working on a winter version of this map, to be posted later once i figure how much i need to do.

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