Well... fancy meeting up to a page like this! Wondering aimlessly lost and looking for symbols and ideas to make maps on the Internet... and what to my wondering eyes should appear but The Cartographers Guild!!! Great place you got here! Being a D&D player/DM from way back in the beginning, my kids went and bought me all the new 4th Edition books over the past year, and are bugging me to teach them to play and DM for them! It's like learning to play all over again! Your site should make my trials and tribs a little easier! Thanks!!!
I've always been intrigued with maps - I have books on battle maps, world maps, planet maps... now I need to make some fantasy maps, building maps, city maps etc!
I have 5 kids, work in Technology Support, live in the land of snow (Canada), and ... well... computers are becoming more a tool than a game playing machine! So off I go to make some maps!

thanks again for a great place to find ideas and maybe make some new friends!