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Thread: Nissian Spiral

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    Map Nissian Spiral

    Hey All! Happy Boxing Day!

    The kids were off with their new Christmas stuff, so I found myself with some free time today to do some experimenting with Sketchup. I came up with something that looks kinda' cool, but not terribly useful. It's akin to the underground maps that Karen Fonstad produced for her various atlases.

    As I said, I don't think this would be very useful for roleplaying. Any ideas for making it more "useful" would be appreciated...

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    That looks like a space station needing a skin to me...pretty cool.
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    didn't see the second i in the title at first... though this was some spam for a japanese car. :p

    looks fairly cool, though as Ascension said a skin would help the feel

    as for the "usefulness", what else did you have in mind to use it for?

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    Looks pretty cool. About the only way I can think of to make this useful in-game is to texture it and bring it into a 3D viewer of some sort - a game engine editor would be cool - and show the players scenes from first-person perspective as they explore. That would actually be very cool...though I expect it's a lot of work.

    Is this from Paizo's Council of Thieves adventure path? The name rings a bell and the overall layout reminds me of the map there...but I've been focusing on running Rise of the Runelords so I've just been putting flipping through the new issues when they arrive and putting them on the shelf.

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