After harrowing upload times with Media Fire over the holidays, the Vintyri (TM) Project at last has released the free and open Symbol Set 4 of the Vintyri Cartographic Collection in two versions, one scaled for Fractal Mapper (TM) 8 and the other scaled for Dundjinni (TM). These symbols also can be used in or converted for any mapping or graphics program that can work with .JPG and .PNG objects.

Those who wish to use these objects with software other than FM8 or Dundjinni should go to our web site and read the page on issues.

Symbol Set 4 includes 286 building objects of house-barns, barns, farm sheds, pig pens, a flax-breaking (heckling) house, hops farms, pig and sheep pens, sugarhouses, a tobacco drying house, a treadmill, breweries and brewhouses, a coachhouse, distilleries and inns.

Accompanying the symbol set and available for download is a free and open 70-page PDF that gives you good tips on how to apply these symbols in your maps and RPG, historical data on the real-world prototypes that served as models for the new buildings and photos of many of these prototypes.

Those of you who make your own mapping objects may also find some interesting new ideas in these photos.

We're now in the advanced stages of work with the free and open Symbol Set 5, the last symbol set in the collection, which includes institutional and governmental structures such as temples, garrisons, castles and the like. It should be available for download within a few weeks.

You can download your preferred version of the Symbol Set at:

The FM8 set, scaled at 1 foot = 10 Pixels, has a size of 96 MB. The Dundjinni version, scaled at 1 foot = 40 Pixels, has a size of 1.05 GB. The Dundjinni set is split up into 15 separate ZIP files.

The objects are free and open for private and commercial use. They have been released under the Open Game License 1.0a.