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Thread: Sandpoint Reference Maps

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    Map Sandpoint Reference Maps

    This started out as a simple exercise to try to produce something similar to one of HandsomeRob's town maps ( The original Sandpoint map was by Rob Lazzaretti and was itself quite a piece of art. Full respectful kudos to both these gentlemen.

    But, as I was running my Rise of the Runelords campaign (Pathfinder Adventure Path), I kept flipping to the back of the book for the map and/or looking up location numbers (which were spread out over 10 pages). I needed a simple map of the town with the locations names rather than just location numbers. So I went back to my exercise map and finished it up with neat easy-to-read labels.

    Later in the campaign, I needed some additional reference map of the town and so I modified my first map to add the additional information (I'll post those as well).

    Whenever I post my maps on other forums, I'll usually stick a little Cartographer's Guild icon in the corner to help build interest in this site. I hope that's okay...

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    Looks Good, and a fabulous idea to help with running a game.
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    These are nicely done... clean, concise and readable.
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    looks great. everything nicely proportioned, good colors, perfect labels. very easy to understand.

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    These are great! Have some rep.

    I would have loved to have these on hand when running Burnt Offerings and The Skinsaw Murders (which we finished last session). Next session the kids are off to Turtleback Ferry but I'm snagging your maps for when we get back to Sandpoint...the round-by-round stuff will be very useful.

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