So I am working on a large map using a combination of PS 7 and CC3 and I was just putting the finishing touches on one section. As I was naming some of the map elements (i.e. forests, mountains, hills, towns, etc...) I discovered that there are not too many synonyms available for my tastes. I am trying to be as varied and orginal as possible but I am running out of ideas for cool names.

Anyways, I was wondering what other people came up with. Don't post if you don't want me to copy your ideas!

Some examples

Forests: (How many ways can you call forest a forest?)
The Feywild Forest
The Misty Vale
The King's Woods
The Dismal Woodlands
The Cloakwood

.... mountains
.... peaks
.... ridge

.... Hills

Any and all ideas would be great. Thanks in advance.