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Thread: Lykarnia - Big Iron Vault Commission

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    Post Lykarnia - Big Iron Vault Commission

    Ok, so I got the go ahead from Keith over at Big Iron Vault to post up WIP's of this map of his world of "Lykarnia" that I am doing as a commission for their "World of Lykarnia" RPG.
    I'm not going to post many up, just this and maybe the finished product when I get there.
    If you want to see more images of the map as it progresses then Keith has been posting a few over on this thread of his forum -

    This image is not owned by me and is Copyright of Big Iron Vault so please, no copying.

    Anyway... here's where I'm at so far with it:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Lykarnia 4.jpg 
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    The general landmass shape and mountainous areas are based on the sketch that Keith sent me to work from.
    The wonderful distressed paper background is from CM's distressed paper thread over in the mapping elements forum.
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    Looking good so far...but I expected no less.
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    I like it. And once you get forests and whatnot in there as well, I think it'll really take off. I find it curious, though, that the landmasses actually spill out over map border. Is this intentional?

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    This is going to be sweet!
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    very nice, i like the oversize mountains. harks to older maps.
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    Wow... just wow.

    I think I just chipped a tooth from grinding my teeth in envy at your talent.

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    Very nice indeed Ramah. Can't wait to see you finish it...
    Dont forget you are writing a novel, by the way
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    Yep, I'm diggin it.
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    Hi fellow adventurers! We're very happy to have Ramah do this map for us. He's incredibly talented and very professional in his approach.

    The map will be made available in colour on our website once our RPG has been released. It will also be in the book itself. The RPG will be released in time for GenCon 2010.

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    I love the continent shape a lot. But i do think the mountain style clashes with the rest of the map's style. But then, that is a matter of taste.

    @ BigIronVault - Can you tell us a bit more about the upcoming rpg? What system does it use? What kind of setting will it have? etc.
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