hi guys

this is my first dungeon map, so please dont laugh so hard at it

adventurers come form "A", and theres a small passage to go through. as hook horrors tend to live in groups, i've amde this dungeon the lair of two family "D" and "G". the dotted things are the fungi farm, and "H" is the exist.

i must say i didnt thought it would be so hard to do a dungeon! i mean, when i started playing the game some 18 years ago, i just numbered the rooms and filled with Orcs and Goblins with "labeled" equipment ("the orc 2 had a +1 dagger, and orc 3 had a potion of healing").

now, as a more mature gamer, i must give my sincere congratulations to those people who can do a good dungeon, with a "ecology" inside.