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Thread: [taken][paid]map of planet for Sci Fi novel

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    Post [taken][paid]map of planet for Sci Fi novel

    Hi, I am working on book II of my science fiction series and would like to put a map of the planet it takes place on near the front of the book.
    I drew my own map for book I (you can see it if you preview it at and it looks bad, so now I'm hoping to have someone with talent take over.

    I don't know what is reasonable, so maybe you could make an offer and provide a sample of something similar you've done?

    Sometime before June 2010

    B/W with terrain, and few/no other embellishments (I will add text over it) like:

    Hand drawn or computer generated is fine; I much prefer the second of these, but the first is nice too.

    I have attached a draft of the planet showing the terrain/land/water. This is the entire planet in a projection.
    I assume that I can add in the names/text myself later using photoshop.

    Red dots: cities
    Small green dots: thick northern forest
    Yellow: desert
    Other: mountains, hills, tablelands, cliffs, rivers, seas
    Top and bottom: have ice caps - whether that should be stated in text or can be drawn, I don't know.

    Quality Size:
    300dpi, 7 inches wide, relative height (no more than 5 inches)
    B/W for print in a book
    png or photoshop format

    I will have the right to use the image for commercial purposes, the artist will have the right to exhibit the image as part of his or her portfolio but not to exploit it for commercial gain.
    Credit to the artist, link to url, etc can be placed somewhere appropriate in the book.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Your novel sounds very interesting!

    Here are links for some b/w or light coloured maps I did:

    Small info: to send or receive personal messages you need 4 or 5 posts in the forum. I would suggest you to do so, it's easier for interested cartographers to contact you.

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    Here's a sample of the style I can do it in.

    Please email me to discuss further if you are interested at -

    Adam Schmidt
    Illustration and Cartography

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    Post I have numerous styles...

    I offer numerous styles, including a hand-drawn style appropriate for b/w novels, the following map though in color is much like what you're looking for - I think.

    Gamer Printshop - We print RPG Maps for Game Masters!

    Kaidan setting of Japanese Horror (PFRPG) Google+ community

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