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    Post Metro mapping?

    I've just been making a little joke metro/underground/subway map mapping out the thought processes of a friend of mine. Whilst I was making this though a thought hit me.
    These metro maps are rather simple things yet here I am drawing lines manually and working out angles and whatot myself.

    I wonder from those who may know better; would there exist some kind of program to generate a map for you?

    I've been thinking this should be perfectly possible. Just put in the name of your 'stations', their grid reference location and what tracks they are on and then go!
    It draws lines between them, spaces/groups them properly when two line colours follow the same route and the like.

    My programming skills suck and its not important enough for me to devote time to it but surely I can't be the only one to come to this idea?

    Edit- and woops, I made this in the wrong forum
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