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Thread: Topside over Under Street Thieves Guild

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    Map Topside over Under Street Thieves Guild

    I'm still working on all the supplementary maps for an upcoming pubication with Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips Newsletter and Yax of GameMastery/4e Blog, as a Rogue's Resource containing a Beggar's Guild for low level rogues, a Thieves Guild for medium level rogues, and my Assassin's Lair (June Challenge Entry) as a high level rogue map. John will write 20K of written content, including my Gnomic Syndicate and Gnomic Lettering (font).

    The final product will have all maps sliced into multiple letter size sheets, combined with text, formatted into a downloadable PDF product.

    This is the topside map, directly over the Under Street Guild.

    Steps in its creation:

    1. I created some walls in Xara printed it out at 17 x 22 onto my large format b/w laser printer. Got some tracing paper and traced the walls with the assumed brick-like texture to the outline. Then scanned it with my 11 x 17 flatbed in 2 scans, stitched the image as one, saved as a 300 ppi TIF.

    2. I imported the scanned TIF into Xara, created beveled walls and placed under the hand-drawn walls. Then created an outline shadow for depth.

    3. Individual doors, beds, tables, horses, were initially created in Xara as rectangular shapes, or used Poser to generate topdown views of horses, printed them out onto laser, traced them sketched in detail - like the paving stones. Scanned, saved to TIF, imported, colored, beveled, shadowing in Xara.

    So I don't hand-draw the whole thing at once, but in stages, adding more detail, multiple scans then composited in Xara, applying all color, bevels, etc in that application. Finally exporting to JPG format.

    Notice the partially transparent stairway in the back of the Tavern, this is to show the hallway beneath the stairs with the trapdoor in the floor leading down to the operations chamber of the Thieves Guild below it - as one of the secret entrances to the Guild area.

    Although this map is for publication, this is map is the least assuming, more fluff to better describe the Thieves Guild beneath it. Yet it is one of the more beautiful maps of the set.

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