This challenge is motivation for me to do something I've been meaning to do. I created a continent map for my friend and current Dungeon Master, Ron. It was a few months ago and the map went through it's WIP phase under the name of Eldimar. That changed when I took it to Ron, and it is now called Esteria. Esteria came out well, and I'm happy with it, but it's dark and colorful, and more of artistic value than functional, like much of what we do here tends to be.

So I wanted to make a parchment map on a larger scale of the area we started in. Our first session was at Robindow Keep in the extreme west of the Empire. My character, Neb the hobbit bard, is a skilled geographer and cartographer. So of course he invested money in inks and parchments so that he could document their journey. The overall map he copied from an existing map he found in the library in Galt. As they go, he add things to it to document their journey. The party is currently fourth level and actually off the map for the moment, having gone off on a jaunt to the plane of fear to steal a sword from a Githyanki. At fourth level. No, we didn't get their by our own means and yes, Ron is a tough DM. Surprisingly, despite his reputation, he has run a balanced and compelling campaign with only one death. We're playing our first Pathfinder campaign, and though it's quite similar in most ways to D&D3.5, it has some startling differences. So far, they've been pretty positive.

So here is the original map, along with what I have done so far with the map of the Western Empire.

Yes, those are Ramah's mountains, scaled down a bit.

### Latest WIP ###
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