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Thread: Brushmoor

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    Map Brushmoor

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster. This is the first map I've spent a considerable amount of time on, and the first compass rose I've ever made.

    A map of the town of Brushmoor, used in my D&D games.

    Brushmoor is known regionally as the "Copper Town." Because of its wealth of copper, most of the town's houses have copper roof shingles.

    Green oxidation is evidence of poor maintenance of the copper shingles, and households that cannot afford to replace fallen copper shingles resort to wooden shingles.

    The terrain was created in Bryce; the town layout was generated in RPG City Map Generator; the rest was done in Photoshop.

    Link to full-size, 2600x2600.
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    The houses and walls look really nice, good work there.
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    Good job, this came out quite nicely.
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    Stuck on 3 rep after posting a map like this?

    I think it looks really great and you deserve more so here, take what I can give.

    The houses look very well done. Are they brushes?
    The layout seems a little.. random, but the houses and the outer walls etc. look fab.
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    This is a great looking map! And I agree with Ramah, you have far too little rep after posting a map like this. Let me make a contribution!

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    This looks great. I like the oxidation-effect on the copper roofs and the drop shadows on the trees. Have some rep!

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    Great detail on this map. I really like the water texture. Did you use a brush for the houses on a mask with varied roofing colors on the layer masking it? Whatever you did it turned out well. *reps*

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    I really like it, nice and clean, consider yourself repped

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    Nice work on the map. Your use of textures is lovely. The one thing that's a little off is the shadows. You've used a drop shadow filter with an offset - which does a great job in most places, but you'll see that the edges of the shadows aren't quite right. It looks like the buildings are floating rather than being connected to the ground, because the shadows don't connect directly to the corners. It's most obvious around the edges of the square and rectangular buildings. The shadows should be cast straight out from the edges of the building, but this isn't happening here.

    Hope that helps, because the rest of the map is really great.
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    That's awesome. I think the thing I like the most is the care and attention to detail you took with the river banks. Good job with the realistic sediment build-up on the angles.

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