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    Tired of making those vast forests in photoshop? Tired of having to change your brush every second to get that variation your map requires? Try the new Automatic Forester. With this neat tool your lands will be filled with forests in no time!

    Nah, seriously.

    I got an idea as I sat on the bus from school today and made a little prototype. It uses Ramah's forest brushes.
    The idea came after spending hours on hours trying to get the forests right on a huge map I'm making, using Ramah's quick forest image. But to remove all those trees were really a pain!
    So I figured I could make a program which did it for me. And here it is.
    It can create a 1024x1024 transparent png filled with trees, both as the brushes (transparent) and with a solid white color to avoid trunks from showing through.
    And more importantly, if you load an image into the program, it creates a forest based on the shape. And if you click the screen, it generates a new set of random positioned trees.

    It's still a proof of concept, but I plan on making it possible to load in a background image, being able to add trees independently of the randomizer. (And change the size of the mountains) I also plan on making a quick mountain adder to create massive mountain ranges quickly without having to manually erase those showing through parts of mountains behind.

    It's a simple algorithm which decides where the trees can be positioned, but if you want to take a look or improve it, I'm including the source code.
    Also, I'm aware of the bugs where a tree shows through even with fill on. It's because the algorithm is running two or more times.

    Anyway, it works and it should make those pesky forests easier to make. Just draw a shape where you want your mountains and save it as a PNG with transparency. Everything that is not transparent will receive a treatment of trees.


    (And I'll open source everything if anyone wondered)

    update: Now with 100% better masking and with adjustable scale. Also included in this package is a panning and zooming tool for those far-away forests.
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