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Thread: [taken][unpaid]Very Basic City Map Needed

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    Help [taken][unpaid]Very Basic City Map Needed

    {Unpaid, please-oh-please}

    No time limit - but yesterday would be soon enough ;-)

    I am looking for a map of a City - the concept is actually very simple and I have drawn it out on paper
    Circular streets starting with a well in the center then open out to include a few things
    The rest is completely optional -- I only need the point of reference for certain locations within the City
    I do need the City walled with the outter area to be desert

    I am not particular about the style, colors or scale --- anything that the artist wants to do or work with is a-ok with me --- I would just be appreciative to have someone help me out

    I am going to include the map on a personal website, and would be more than happy to have copyright, link page of devotion -- whatever back to the artist

    i can be contacted at kliberal - at -

    i took a picture of the map i drew if anyone is interested - would be more than happy to email it, you cant tell a lot about it from the picture though

    thanks for reading my request and thinking about helping ;-)

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    You might have a look through the Finished Maps & Mapping Challenge Archive forums to see if you find something you like.

    If so you can contact the artist (you need at least 5 posts to send a PM) and see if you can use it or they may be willing to modify it to fit your needs.
    My Finished Maps | My Challenge Maps | Ghoraja Juun, my largely stagnated campaign setting.

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    thank you -- i will look through those now

    i appreciate the suggestion

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    ok, here goes

    I am not an artist -- please be kind when you look at this map ;-)

    and yes -- I will so create an entire page of devotion -- complete wtih links, maps, hell we can set up and i love the artist fan group LOL

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    I don't know what all the symbols mean but here is a start in very broad terms - just the blocks and the main streets...If you'd like to run with this, how would you like to see it develop?
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    that is exacctly where i was headed
    as far as the image and the blocks
    the well is teh center - to the left is a bathhouse
    to the right is medical, grand hall, administration

    SC - is slaver's compound
    with merchant alley opposite it (streets running through it, tents, stalls adn caravan tables)

    city square is the bottom center (i was trying to make a square within a circle layout)

    inns and cafes along with houses scattered through out the layout
    with a large wall around the city

    i cant thank you enough for your help

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    if you could add some random houses
    say 4 or 5 inns and 4 or 5 cafes

    WOW!! It really is perfect --

    is the program you are using expensive?
    i would love to be able to make maps like that
    then i could make one for each of the actual items on teh list

    thanks so much
    please give me info to put on my devotion page ;-)

    any time you want to roleplay in a less than vanilla environment, please know you are always welcome

    City of Tor

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    Glsd you like it.

    It wouldn't really make sense to add random houses (unless you mean separate houses not part of the city blocks) since most of the city blocks will be houses - or appartments (in a normal world), I can scatter some inns and cafes around the map. You might want to consider dividing the city into various quarters, you've effectively got the merchant's quarter, you could have other quarters too, which will be easy to colour code.

    Do you want me to put a title in? I.e. the name of your city?

    I use a programme called Serif Drawplus, it's reasonably cheap and very intuitive to use, but there is also a free equivalent called inkscape. I recommend you download that and have a play with it.

    When the map is done I will send you info for the devotion page

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