So I'm working on a space tabletop rpg and was looking for some input before proceeding.

Im leaning towards a less rules-intensive gaming experience and one that is geared more towards exploration and battle. That said, I haven't come up with a satisfying system for space travel. So I am hoping you guys have some suggestions.

In this story line FTL travel is possible, but I'm not sure how/where to start making a system for different speeds and such. Like I said it would be a game geared towards exploration, so traveling across a galaxy and possibly beyond would be a necessity.

I know that star trek uses "warp drive factors" to determine how much space gets warped around a ship and thus how quickly it can get to it's destination.
I am not sure I'd like to go with that, but if anyone knows a site with a chart for the warp factors that would be great. It couldn't hurt.

Also, maybe wormholes could be utilized instead of FTL for traversing extreme distances in short time..

So please give me input/ideas! I'm out here on my own running out of creative fuel.