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Thread: CC3 Symbols and Photoshop

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    Post CC3 Symbols and Photoshop

    I have been developing a world map using photoshop as the design engine but using CC3 symbols to populate it. The work is slow but seems to be coming along nicely.

    I own CC2, CC3 and SS1 and have been using the symbols from those software packages. I was wondering if there were any other useful symbols to harvest from other sources (that would fit alongside CC3 styles). I briefly looked at the annuals but there was no way to be sure what kind of symbols come with them. Did any CC2/CC3 users purchase any of the annuals? Do they come with cool new symbol sets? Were there many or a few?

    Side question: Does anyone use CC3 symbols outside of CC3 environment?

    Thanks for your comments in advance.

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    I subscribed to the Annual during its first year. There were some new symbol sets there, but they were each in a different style. Some of the new styles were quite compatible with the stock symbols, and some did not match at all.

    You can browse through each issue of the Annual to see what it includes. The pics will give you an idea of what the included symbols look like, and the list at the bottom of the page tells you how many (if any) symbols are included in that issue. Of course, if you buy an Annual subscription or back-volume, you'll get every issue from that year—you can't cherry-pick which issues you want.

    There aren't a whole lot of other resources for world map symbols, but there have been several brush packs and map objects posted here in the Mapping Elements forum that are useful. They're typically in PNG format so they can be used in most every program.

    If you ever do battlemat-scale maps, though, the Dundjinni User Creation forums are a goldmine.
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    Some had new symbols, other had new fill effects, each month was something new and exciting.
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