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Thread: WIP - I'll finish it this time, seriously.

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    Post WIP - I'll finish it this time, seriously.

    Alright! So, as you can see, this is somewhat of an evolution on a previous map of mine. I finally managed to create mountains I am somewhat content with. (with help from isomage, for which I am quite grateful!)

    I have now moved on to worrying horribly over borders, so I'm making progress. I put the borders on this map just as a quick example to demonstrate my singular somewhat poor idea for them. I'm not quite sure what to do for them.

    I will update this when (or if!) I make further progress.

    I would appreciate any and all comments or suggestions any of you have to offer.
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    This could get interesting...I'm intrigued. No real comments other than that cuz I don't want to push you in any direction but let you go your own way with this and see where it goes.
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    I'm with Ascension. This looks like it could be very interesting.

    My current worldbuilding experiment(s):

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    I'm not really feeling the style of those mountains, but I like the black and red colors. Makes me think of a radar screen or something.

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    Nice so far. The mountains look good from a distance, but not from close. just wavelines.

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    Really? I think they look pretty awful from a distance, but much better up close.


    I have an alternate style I could show, but I just upgraded to Windows 7 the other day, so it'll take a bit for me to get everything in order.
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    So, getting back into this after installing Windows 7 took longer than I thought it would, and I just started doing some more work on it this afternoon. So far I'm feeling pretty good about it, and just thought I'd post what I've got to show what sort of direction I'm going in. Obviously I've still got a fair amount of work to do, and I still have to make naval icons that I feel good about, but that shouldn't take too long. The area you should probably be looking at is in the southeast, just in case you didn't notice. As always, comments and advice are welcome.
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    I like it a lot. Not that it's easy to read, but the cool factor generated by the unique look makes up for it.
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    I'm always so curious what you people use to make these maps...

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    I like the red/black theme you have going on here, it's so Predator vision.

    It also kind of reminds me of one of those velvet Elvis' you see here and there as wall hangings. Maybe we can get this printed on velvet when it's that would be sweetness.

    Keep going, I too am interested in seeing how this develops.
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