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Thread: People working on D&D worlds?

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    Post People working on D&D worlds?

    Hello peoples, my curiousity is getting the best of me here... How many other people here are working on creating their own Dungeons & Dragons worlds? And what system (AD&D 1e, 2e...D&D 3 or 3.5)?

    As for me, I'm a lover of AD&D 2e. Working on "world attempt #4" according to the top of all my note sheets. Yeah #4...the first 3 were given up on due to a loss of interest and loss of help. Sad really, I lost my 2 artists and now I have to learn to make my own world map. Using CC3 at the moment, don't much care for it. I think that is just being new to the software though.

    Oops! Got myself a little off topic there...sorry it happens alot with me (maybe add (lol pun...)). Well anyhow, I have gotten a good start with all my paperwork involved in this enormous endeavor. Decided to go with an elf dominated world, being ruled by a new sub-race of my own making (that is the part of world building I'm good at - the writing and crazy imagination work).

    Currently I'm stuck with the whole map thing, I have a beautiful picture of the world in my mind, but my stupid fingers can't make my smart computer make it appear on my screen. [Sigh] only if computers could just read my mind...

    Ok enough of my nonsensical rambling...well for the moment at least. Let's here about your projects!

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    I've been working on mine (even though I don't play anymore) off and on for about 10 years (link in my sig if you're interested).
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    Working on mine since the early eighties.....and it has gone through all DnD versions except the latest, Pathfinder, Rollmaster (er...Role Master) and a few others. I have most of the land masses at least sketched out, but I have discovered that I absolutely suck at terrain features by hand. Which brought me here a few years ago. I have since tried my hand at using progs and am starting to make some headway. I wish I had more time to devote to it though.
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    Post Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting

    Of course the new members don't know it, but I'm still working on my commercial setting for Pathfinder RPG - Kaidan: a Japanese Ghost Story setting.

    I've already published my first adventure, as part of a three part introductory campaign called The Gift. Part 2 of The Gift: Dim Spirit has been on hiatus for a few months due to failed contract negotiations with the primary publisher. So now it looks like Part 2 will be published as an imprint under Rite Publishing. Expect to see it out sometime in late February - as both my commission workload and Steve Russel of Rite Publishing is a bit full at the moment.

    Think Oriental Adventures crossed with Ravenloft, to get a feel of what my setting is all about. There are numerous maps in the Finished forums, WIP forums and a thread dedicated to this project here in the General Forum.

    Of course I am always looking to create other worlds for publication as well, but Kaidan is my first.

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    I have a world I have been working on since around 1980 or so.
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    Working off and on on mine... almost all my map postings are from it as well... Probably should get back to it...
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    I make a new world just about every other week. If I were writing or gaming I'm sure that'd be different.
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    I was a big fan of 3.5E, started out with 2E, loathe 4E for non-mechanics reasons (if you're at all interested I can go into a long-ish rant but lets just say that I don't think 4E is designed to tell good stories).

    One of my current projects (taking a bit of a back seat cause I'm feeling 'uninspired' at the moment) is designing an RPG System. Based in the background concepts of both Pathfinder and D&D3.5E, but playing around with a lot of the other aspects in an effort to balance out the classes (removing the 15th-level wizard can destroy the world before lunch and trying to make sure there are no Pun-Puns or other rort-tastic-cheese-specials). I can tell you that trying to balance out combat with magic can take some serious effort (especially in not over-nerfing spells).

    I'm currently doing the map for my 3rd World. I designed one in 9 months with a team of friends for a convention style game. This included designing cities, heraldry, racial backgrounds, world layout, world history, political systems, legal systems, gods, etc, etc, etc.

    I've also done work with GamerPrinter *points up* on his Kaidan Project. Some mild design work and creating a lot of text for the adventure he mentioned. Helping out a couple of others around the boards with their political/social systems...

    If you're interested, send me a message and/or check out the stuff I've done so far through my Sig.
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    I don't think 4E is designed to tell good stories
    I love that you said this. I gave up D&D when 4e came out and my PCs wanted to make the switch from 3.5 I thought they were all crazy and threw in the towel. Incedentally my world for which I have completed one map on this forum was originally a D&D campaign setting and it went through every edition I can remember beginning with whichever edition was before AD&D.

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    I'm am currently (still) working on a city which is part of the third world I have crated and it is for 3.5. The last world was 3.5 and the first was 2E

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