Greetings fellow cartography fans. I am Mappy McGee (Jeff in real life) and I have been making maps for about 20 years.
I first started hand drawing maps for fun and then for 2nd edition D&D games. Then I got into basic software, a simple paint program on the commodore 64 among others I can't remember.
From those humble beginnings I moved on to the Adobe products and a little program called Campaign Cartographer 2, which I used until I realized I liked Adobe Illustrator better. I'm a graphic designer and use Adobe products all the time anyway so I switched recently from CC2. But, I still want to use my CC2 symbols, wish I could figure out how to do it, maybe someone here can help.
So, that's me in a nutshell... actually me in a nutshell would be like this;
"Help! Help! Let me out of this nutshell!"

OK. Bad joke. I'm old, what do you want from me?