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Thread: Really cool map style - Da Vinci

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    Post Really cool map style - Da Vinci

    Hey all,
    I came across this today and thought it was unbelievably neat. There is a larger res version I found, but it isn't very clear. if anyone has a better copy, or knows of any artists that produce similar work, speak up.
    I wasn't able to figure out what the scale was. Any ideas? Also, what do you think the medium is?

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    Yeah. I guess Leo could've been a member here. Pretty cool, and not so far from the style of a few of our members. I do wish it was a 1:1 scan, though, so you could see the detail. Do you know the provenance of this map? Is it in a museum or a private collection? I really dig his city icons and would love to see those guys close up. Think the numbers are altitude?

    As to medium? No real idea. I'd guess parchment and ink?

    [edit] Oh, nice find. Saved in my inspirational folder...and repped.[/edit]

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