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Thread: Great Web Site with Seamless Bitmap Textures

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    Info Great Web Site with Seamless Bitmap Textures

    While looking for bitmap textures that tile seamlessly for use in CC3, I stumbled upon this Web site that has some absolutely beautiful textures for free download:

    There's some really interesting stuff in there. Just browsing the tiles got the creative juices flowing and I thought of a lot of uses for these.

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    OH! That is a great find! Thank you for the link!
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    And checking the links page on the one above, I just discovered another great one:

    I have a feeling I'm going to be busy for years to come...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ravells View Post
    (Although watch out for the spyware pop up on the second site).
    I'm really sorry about that folks. I've been using IE7 which does such a good job blocking popups I'd almost forgotten they exist (at least until I need something to pop up and it doesn't).

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    I use firefox which also has a popup bloker. But in the second site, the image turns up as background and I wondered if the popup was the image, so I allowed it through....


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