I registered here last night after following a link from somewhere and found a lot of the information on this forum VERY useful and informative. I've already tossed a few posts around the forums but refrained from thread necromancy with a lot of others. :p

I'll spare you the other boring "about me" details, and stick with just the mapping that I've done.

I'm a CC2 user as well as an avid MS Paint Mapper when needed. However, I still prefer the tried and true method of paper and pencil. Most of all my maps are on paper, and the largest being a map of my homebrewed game's galaxy on a 7' x 5' (2.13m x 1.52m) sheet of newsprint that I'd like to digitize at one point with CC2 with links and all to link together an interactive map of the system where my game takes place in.

I've been a CC2/CA user for a number of years until getting into using 3D applications for character portraits so now, I stick with CC2 for my general mapping needs.

Hmm... I cant think of anything else since I'm otherwise boring so I guess I'm done with my intro.

Look forward to hanging around, seeing some nice stuff as well as learning more tricks even if I am a bit of a lurker most of the time.